My Story

Tracy Sanders is a blessed wife and mother of two with a big pet peeve; being caught wearing the same jewelry that her BFF was wearing as well.

With the belief that there is a solution to every problem, Tracy decided to take matters into her own hands and created her very own jewelry line. La Vita Linx.

Spurred by the love of her charm bracelet, but not crazy about how heavy and jingly it was, she decided to add a link to both ends of a charm so that the charms actually LINK together therefore eliminating the need for a separate charm bracelet. La Vita Linx IS your charm bracelet. Now add in her custom necklaces and everything is interchangeable! Each bracelet and necklace design you create with her linkable charms will be one of a kind. And guess what? Tracy was never again caught wearing the same jewelry as her friends.

What started off as excitement for a making a name for herself in the fashion jewelry world has now turned in to something much bigger and better!

One day while standing in her kitchen, Tracy heard the Holy Spirit speak to her and tell her to turn her jewelry line over to God. And there, a brand-new excitement began!

She realized that it was not a coincidence that her jewelry line was named La Vita Linx. When she originally thought of the name, she just thought it was cute. Now breaking it down it means so much more!

La Vita means "life" and "linx" as in, we are all linked together in LIFE through Jesus Christ.

Her charms and chains are 22 karat gold and rhodium plated and manufactured in a US-based company. Tracy also donates a portion of sales to many different charities throughout the United States.

With careful thought and consideration, Tracy has added scripture and personal stories along with style tips and gift ideas to each charm.

This has become an incredible journey of creativity, trusting in God and truly wanting to be a blessing to others. Creating a pretty awesome jewelry line has been an added bonus.

If you would like to share personal testimonies or have any questions please contact her at