How It Works

Linkable Jewelry? Genius! But how does it work?

We are so glad you asked! Our linkable jewelry line was created so that you can be the designer! Each La Vita Linx charm has our patent pending clasp that allows you to link the charms together. Choose one, two, three, TEN linkable charms and you are on your way to creating a very fashionable and unique piece of jewelry. For a necklace, we have custom chains to link your La Vita Linx charms to. The more charms you use, the longer the necklace will be. Short, long, in-between? It's your call! For your bracelet, just link away! But watch out, you're sure to be stopped by complete strangers wanting to know more about your super unique piece!

How do I actually LINK the charms together?

If you're wondering this then we have done our job correctly by making the clasp look like a piece of jewelry and not a "clasp." Yay!

On the right side of your LVL is an oval. Very gently push in on the bottom side of the oval and the clasp will open. There is no twisting or pulling needed - Just a gentle push!


Speaking of bracelets, how many La Vita Linx charms will I need to create one?

Good question! We are all unique (like your La Vita Linx designs!), and we come in all different shapes and sizes. Thank goodness, right?! We recommend between 5 and 7 La Vita Linx charms to create your bracelet. Remember, the more La Vita Linx charms you own, the more designs you can create! Grab a La Vita Linx chain for even more options!

No big deal but my La Vita Linx charm(s) keeps flipping. Is there anything I can do to stop that?

Although the back of our LVL charms are cute too, we understand that you want the front of your charm showing so do this. If you're wearing one La Vita Linx as a necklace, make sure that the opening of one clasp is facing up and the opening of the other clasp is facing down. Voilà! Forward facing La Vita Linx!

For your bracelet, make sure that all of openings of the clasps are facing down when you link your charms together.

Now that that's settled, we want to see it! Share with #MyLVL

I'm going to want to show off my awesome La Vita Linx jewelry designs! How can I do that?

Of course you do and we want to see them! Just go to any of our social media site and share your brilliant designs using the #MYLVL hashtag! And don't forget to tag your friends, they'll want to see too! A little bragging never hurt anyone. And one more thing, since we're can call us LVL. Pretty catchy, huh?

So where do you make your jewelry? Just curious.

We are happy to say that we are made in the USA! And for even more awesomeness, we are nickel- and lead-free!

Your jewelry is beautiful! What is it made of and how can I keep it looking so great?

Why, thank you! Our La Vita Linx Charms and necklaces are gold and rhodium plated. Only the best for you!

To keep your LVL pieces looking fabulous, follow this rule of thumb: Jewelry should be last to put on and first to take off. So that wonderful smelling perfume you love so much, spray it on before putting on your LVL jewelry. And don't forget about the adorable LVL packaging your pieces came in. It's perfect for storing your LVL when you're not wearing them.

I have an idea for a LVL charm. Do you want to hear it?

Absolutely! Many of our charms were created from suggestions we received. So, do tell at

I have a question, where can I reach you?

We are here for you! Shoot us an email at and we'll be in touch ASAP.

Should I check out your terms and conditions for more info?

Yes please. We love sharing info!